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Study Courses

Please contact me to make a booking or for further information.

Each of the following subjects can be explored in depth as a three-day course. Each day will comprise three lectures.

Merchants, Makers and Splendour: Chronicles of Magnificence and Luxury
Utility and Beauty, Ingenuity and Industry: European Ceramics from Antiquity to Arts and Crafts

The gallery of photographs show changing views of the River Thames in London and the natural environment and architectural heritage of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Both London and Cyprus, with its historic port of Famagusta, now in Northern Cyprus, are important backdrops to the history of European trade in luxury commodities ranging from tea, silk and Baltic amber to gemstones, spices and pigments. Early English porcelain factories of the 18th Century were established close to the River Thames at Limehouse, Bow, Vauxhall, Chelsea and Isleworth. English delftware was made in workshops adjacent to the River Thames close to Southwark Cathedral and the present-day Borough Market.

Picture c

Greenwich, The Cutty Sark and the Isle of Dogs seen at low tide from the foreshore at Deptford.

Picture d

The Cutty Sark at Greenwich


'Canary Wharf with Reflections and Clouds'


'Gilded’ Masts of the Cutty Sark, Greenwich

Picture e

Ruined walls of King Edward III’s manor house at Rotherhithe


'Canary Wharf Through Winter Bamboo’


Interior staircase in Kyrenia Castle

Picture u

View from Buffavento Castle looking over the landscape of Cyprus

Picture f

Kyrenia Castle, Northern Cyprus

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