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Study Days

Most of my individual lectures can be extended as a study day or day of special interest. In addition, the following titles are ideally suited to three-lecture study days:

Two New Study Days

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Other Study Day Titles

English Porcelain of the 18th Century: Following the Ceramic Roads and Waterways from Limehouse to Liverpool

A Journey Through 3000 Years of Chinese History, Art and Civilisation

The Silk Road and the Sea, China’s Windows on the World

The Ming Dynasty: Power, Craftsmanship and Tea in China’s Empire of Brightness

The Phoenix at the Fall of Empire: Three Empresses of China and the Fate of the Imperial Art Collection (also a lecture)

Three Cities of China

In the Mood for Enchantment: Spellbinding Beauty in Parisian Couture

Winds of the Dragon on Cobalt Seas: The Story of Chinese Porcelain for Emperors and Export

Flowers like Fire, Mountains so Blue and Rivers of Sprinkled Gold: Oriental Luxuries for European Palaces (also a lecture)

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Picture2 Kakiemon.png
Picture3 sprinkled gold.png
Picture1 Chinese bowl.png

The exotic rarity and aesthetic beauty of Japanese Kakiemon and Imari porcelain and Chinese blue and white porcelain as well as Japanese black lacquer furniture decorated with golden landscapes appealed to the taste of royal and noble collectors of 17th and 18th Century Europe. These included Queen Mary II of England, Augustus the Strong of Saxony and Madame de Pompadour of France. 

picture 39

A pavilion in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China


Photograph of Reginald Johnston, Empress Wan Rong and her tutor Isabel Ingram in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. (Photograph in the public domain)

pic 4

View of the Grand Canal from Ca'Rezzonico


The Master of the Nets Garden, Suzhou, China


A Shiwan stoneware figure of a reclining scholar holding an inkstone with wrist-rest


The Watching Pines and Viewing Paintings Studio in the Master of the Nets Garden, Suzhou, China, 2009

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